Grey on Timber

Kitchen layout and design. This stunning kitchen had a huge open plan living area with a massive vaulted ceiling. When we entered this home we knew that the furnishings would have to be large enough to fill such an open space and therefore not make the kitchen looks small.

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The owner chose mid to dark grey in colour to break up the warm colourings of the timber floor. We were lucky enough to have some custom joinery off to the side as a side hutch built into the wall. This helped to make the kitchen appear to come into the room somewhat. The light fittings chosen were almost castlelike in their appearance and could be large in such an open pitched roof area.

It’s a simple galley kitchen the runs from one side of the room to the other and definitely is a key feature when entering from the front foyer. Here we kept the dark grey colouring above the rear wall benchtop but kept the lower cupboards in white. Once this was achieved we could then bring the dark grey colouring lower into the front island bench. This kept a slight chequerboard effect when you’re looking at the kitchen colours.

It’s a mild Hampton style of cabinetry with thick stone benchtops and it’s not often that we get a pitched roof to work with and this shape looking straight on is a diamond type of shape which is very unusual indeed. Muted tones with a Satin finish mixed with white on a timber floor. You just can’t go wrong with these choices.

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