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Ash Timber Kitchen

This one was all about keeping it fresh. This fresh kitchen design needed to have light timbers throughout which gave a little warmth to the white stone. We chose Ash timber cabinetry as we knew this wouldn’t be too bold.

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The client also requested a step down in the kitchen benchtop design. A lowering step in the kitchen benchtop can create the illusion of a split level kitchen. This is a single line kitchen that some confuse for a galley but it isn’t actually a galley kitchen. Galley kitchens are between two adjacent walls.

Here we had to also work in some black fittings like the dual ovens and the modern black pendants that are at above the kitchen island.

We incorporated a mirrored splashback which always helps to increase the size of this style of kitchen.

Mirrored splashbacks can be hard to maintain especially if they’re near the cooking area. Because this client wasn’t much of a cooking family, we advised mirror can work well mirrors can work well.

The small dining dropdown area in the kitchen island was made of hardwood timber and accompanied with the black steel chairs, again drawing on the black appliances and pendants. Everything sat well together and we achieved the perfect results for this client. They couldn’t be happier with the colour scheme. The stepped kitchen island was a winner with the children having a place to sit close to mum in the kitchen when they did that homework.

A practical kitchen has to be the number one consideration when you were thinking about a new kitchen install.

Most butlers pantries tend to fall into the standard category but with this one, we thought we would give it pop, by using a dark grey hexagonal tile as the splashback. We mimicked this tile in the laundry as well which really sets the room apart. The butler’s pantry travels almost the same distance behind the kitchen and is a perfect use of space and home design.

This busy family loves the idea of no handles on their kitchen cupboard cabinetry. Instead of going for what I call the shark fin edge.

The location of the double fridges within this kitchen was ideally placed at the end of the kitchen run. By placing 2 refrigerators at this point we completed the perfect kitchen triangle between the cooking, sink and fridge. This allows the homeowner to move seamlessly from the three main points within their kitchen. The kitchen triangle should always be a consideration when you design your new kitchen.

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